About Me


My home and workspace are in New Braunfels, TX. My main inspiration comes from my dad who is a second generation pinstriper and hot rodder.

The name Carvel Vintage comes from a mixture of my dad's name Michael Carvan. I've been using it since I was 15 and it just stuck. 

I have had a variety of jobs. My dad was a pinstriper so I grew up going to car shows with my family all over the country. My dad let me collect the money from customers and pass out business cards when I was just 7 or 8 years old. It was a nice start to the world of business! I also worked for a large retail clothing chain for 7 years, worked for a master seamstress, had a delivery service, and worked in a woodshop for an educational toymaker. For 9 years I have been “working” (it’s too much fun to be called work) for my cousin’s rockabilly band, The Georges, managing their retail merchandise and doing PR work at their shows. Basically I have to be on my feet and doing something with my hands. Which brings us to this phase in my life. I have no talent for art on canvas like my amazing husband of 17 years. But give me fabric or metal and I’m good.

How the lamp making started:

My mechanic uncle Jason started creating lamps after overhauling the engine of my VW Passat. He had tons of great parts sitting around from that and other engines. After his 7th back surgery two years ago he could no longer work on cars. Instead of tossing all the parts he had acquired over the years, he thought he would use his welding skills and make art. He made me a floor lamp out of an antique headlight, rods and a flywheel. It is totally awesome and sitting in my living room right now! I asked if he could teach me to weld. He said yes and that was that. Now I can’t stay out of the shop!

I have 8 nieces and nephews that I love dearly and I spend as much time with them as I can. I am the oldest of 3. My middle brother Cody is an amazing musician and can make you laugh until you pass out! The youngest, Jared, is the athlete and carpenter of the family. We all are passionate about cars. Last but not least is my dear mother. She never hindered my self-expression as a teenager, even when I made a terrible dress for my cousin's wedding with a huge homemade guitar appliqué on it (I still have it, but it was soooo homemade). My parents have been my greatest supporters and I love them for encouraging me to “Go For It”!!! Thanks mom and dad!

Below image is me with one of my nieces, the red-head, my little sweet potato!